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Why The Garden Is The Perfect Place To Install Your Soakwells

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Every home needs a soakwell, and if yours has none, well, it's never too late to carry out an installation. One of the main decisions every homeowner needs to make before installing a soakwell is where to put it. If you are racking your brain wondering the same, worry no more. In this article, find out why the garden is the perfect location.

There's no heavy traffic there

Soakwells cannot or should not be installed in areas where there is heavy traffic. The reason is that heavy traffic above a soakwell can apply excessive pressure on the soakwell below causing it damage and the need for a new soakwell, plus a complete re-installation process. If you install your soakwell in the garden, you will never have to worry about this because no vehicles will be driven there.

The garden provides all the space needed

Soakwells can in some cases take quite a bit of space, especially if your home doesn't have much to spare. And considering that the space above the soakwells should not be disturbed much, the garden pretty much stands out as the perfect candidate. It's basically a free space and it's rarely used for anything else other than the vegetation on it.

It's the most likely flooding location

The perfect spot to place a soakwell is where storm water is likely to collect in your home. For the most part, water collects on flat, low areas. Again, that describes a garden quite well. When it rains, your garden is the one place most likely to flood. So installing a soakwell there actually helps you kill two birds with one stone; to collect as much storm water as possible and to avoid flooding on your garden.

It's where the soakwell is needed most

The purpose of a soakwell is to store excess stormwater which can then seep into the ground later on. With that said, the garden is the one place you want to have a soakwell. And that's because the ground there will always have a close source of water to keep your garden lush and green.

It's the safest place to install one

Water is not the best thing to have just anywhere on your property. And that's exactly what a soakwell holds. Over time, water rises up the ground to the surface and into any structures built on it. If you install your soakwell near your house, patio, or driveway, there is a slight chance that the moisture could later cause rising damp problems. However, on the garden, the water poses no danger all; it's actually needed there.

Your soak ell installer can also help you narrow down the perfect spot for the installation. Talk to them and discuss the viable options.