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3 Ways Decorative Pebbles Can Add a Touch of Class to Any Front Garden

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Decorative pebbles aren't just for sprucing up an aquarium or adding a nice touch to some neglected pot plants -- these attractive and enormously versatile pebbles are just at home outdoors as they are in indoor settings, and an enormous variety of decorative pebble blends are sold for landscaping purposes. These outdoor pebbles are particularly useful for improving the looks of your front garden or yard quickly and easily, so you may wish to consider the following attractive uses for decorative pebbles when planning improvements to your front garden:

Gravel driveways

If you are constructive a new gravel driveway, adding decorative pebbles can be a striking alternative to more traditional pebbles, gravels and aggregates. Naturally, not every type of decorative pebble is strong enough to bear the weight of a vehicle (glass pebbles should be avoided for obvious reasons) but tough stone pebbles are more than capable of handling the punishment.

Inexpensive mixes of metamorphic and igneous stone pebbles are ideal for creating gravel driveways, and are available in an enormous variety of colours and patterns. Polished stones should naturally be avoided, as they can become very slippery during wet weather -- on the other hand, decorative pebbles made of volcanic stone have rough, untreated surfaces that convey excellent grip.

Pebble pools and fountains

Water features are always a desirable addition to a garden, but many front gardens in urban and suburban areas lack the space for a full-scale fountain or rockery. Installing a simple pebble pool, a self-contained water feature containing decorative pebbles and topped with a small fountain, can be an excellent way to add the charm of a water feature to a smaller space..

These pools are easy to maintain, very inexpensive to purchase, and require only minimal excavation and modification of your front garden before they are installed. With their own self-contained water supply, they will not use water from your home's main supply, and have very minor energy requirements. They can also be very useful for attracting rare birds, animals and insects to your garden, as they will appreciate such a ready source of water.

Pebble mulch

Green-fingered gardeners will be well aware of the importance of proper mulching, especially if you intend to grow flowers or vegetables in your front garden. However, traditional mulch choices, such as wood chips and hay, can be unsightly and vulnerable to wind and mould. 

Adding decorative pebbles to your flowerbeds provides all the advantages of a traditional surface mulch, while also creating a much sturdier protective layer than most traditional mulches. Decorative pebble mulches will not blow away in high winds and suffer no problems with rotting, while providing the same level of protection and improved water drainage for young plants as regular mulches. They can also be much more attractive than ordinary mulch choices -- pale pebbles are particularly attractive, as they contrast well with dark, loamy soils.