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When a Homeowner Might Need a Professional Land Survey Done

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Land surveyors are often hired by local cities who are considering installing new roads or expanding current roads and highways, but they can also be hired by homeowners and private property owners as well. If you own a home or just vacant property, you might not ever think of calling a land surveyor and may not realize the work they do. Note a few times when you might need the services of this professional and how they can assist with various concerns you might have about your property.

Drainage issues

A land surveyor often marks off boundaries for a piece of property, but they can also assist if you have drainage issues on the property. They can note the topography of the land, meaning how it slopes and dips or is otherwise shaped. This assessment can be used to note the best way to keep the property drained or protect it from soil erosion. With the help of a land surveyor, you can note if the property needs to be graded in a certain way to encourage water runoff or determine the best spot for a retaining wall.

Improving the property

If you're thinking of adding to your home or erecting a larger garage, putting in a new sprinkler system, or even planting a large garden or small farm, a land surveyor can be of assistance. They can note if the property needs grading in order to properly support a new addition to your home and keep it from collecting moisture around the foundation and note how that addition will affect drainage. They can also tell you the best location for planting based on the property's overall topography and how drainage issues might affect your crops or the need for a new sprinkler or irrigation system.

For flood insurance

Your homeowner's insurance may be requiring you to add flood insurance to the policy if the home is located in a flood zone or along a flood plane. A land surveyor can note if the home is actually above or below that plane; if the land is above the flood base elevation, you may not be legally obligated to purchase flood insurance. If the home is below the flood elevation, you may do well to purchase flood insurance even if it's not required by your mortgage lender. This can ensure you are protected from that added risk of flood but aren't paying for insurance you don't truly need.