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Five Tips to Prepare Your Home's Building Site for Excavation

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If you have bought a piece of land and plan to build a home on it, you need to contact an excavator to help you level the plot and prepare it for building. However, before the excavator arrives, you may need to do a few things to prepare. Here's what you need to do:

1. Obtain permission to clear trees.

If the excavation crew is going to be removing trees and brush, you need to obtain the appropriate permission from your local council or county, parish or land district government. In some cases, especially if you are in an area prone to bushfires, you may be allowed to remove trees without special permission.

2. Identify uses for cleared trees and brush.

Once you have the right permission to remove trees, you should make a plan to deal with the trees once they have been removed. If you have enough room on your land, you can have the excavating crew bury the cut trees and brush before they leave. However, make sure not to bury these items in areas where you plan to put driveways, walkways or home foundations, as the ground can sink as the materials decompose.

Alternatively, you can hire a skip for the rubbish, pay the excavation crew to haul it away or save the trees for firewood.

3. Contact utility companies about underground pipes and cables.

So that the excavator doesn't hit any pipes or cables, you need to ensure that the operator knows where they are. Contact the utility companies in your area, and ask them to come mark the underground pipes on your property. In some cases, the excavation company may be willing to handle this task for you.

4. Choose a spot for your home.

You need to identify which spot you want your home to be in. You may need the land leveled to promote drainage. However, you can avoid paying for that extra step by choosing the highest point on your property for your home.

5. Plan to deal with the dirt.

If you are having a basement dug out by the excavator, there is going to be a lot of dirt. Make a plan to deal with it. You can use it to level areas around the property, or you can pay to have it hauled away.

For more tips on what you need to do to prepare your property for excavation, contact an excavation company.