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How to Get the Best from Newly Laid Turf

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Some homeowners may be disappointed when the expensive turf that they bought does not grow into a lush lawn. Such homeowners may not know that they made some mistakes that affected how well the turf could be established. This article discusses some helpful tips that will ensure that your new turf grows into a beautiful lawn.

Get the Topsoil Early

Some homeowners ask for the new turf to be delivered at the same time as the topsoil that will be used. This mistake can cause your turf to fail to grow well. This is because you may be in a rush to lay all the topsoil quickly so that you can proceed to lay the turf before its starts drying. Consequently, you can end up not levelling the topsoil well. The spots where less topsoil was poured will be unable to support the growth of the turf. It is better to receive the topsoil a few days before the turf arrives. That interval will allow you to lay the topsoil without any rush. That lack of haste will enable you to pay attention to all the steps needed to lay topsoil well.

Avoid Gaps

Have you ever noticed some dry patches on newly laid turf? Those dry patches may have been due to the gaps that the homeowner left between the rolls of turf that he or she placed on the topsoil. Gaps allow direct sunlight to reach the tender roots that have not yet penetrated the soil. Such exposed roots may dry and the turf will also dry. You should therefore ensure that you lay the layers of turf close to each other so that no gaps remain to allow the elements to kill the young roots.

Select the Starting Point Carefully

Where you start laying it, the new turf may affect the quality of the lawn. For instance, your rectangular-shaped yard may not look attractive if you start laying the turf from the middle. This is because it may be hard for you to maintain symmetry as you lay the different rolls of turf on that lawn. It may be better for you to start from one straight end so that it is easy for you to align the subsequent turf with the shape of the yard. Similarly, start from the centre in case your yard is round.

Follow the suggestions above and your turf will look like it was laid by a pro. Contact turf suppliers to get some cheap quality turf and for help in case you encounter any challenge that you are unable to overcome during the process of laying your new turf.