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Tips To Help You Landscape Your Small Yard And Get The Most From Your Small Space

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Landscaping a small yard can be challenging, especially if you have numerous ideas and you don't know how to use them best on a small yard without creating a mess. Well, it's possible to combine different designs and ideas on a small yard. Below are some ideas on how to landscape a small yard that can help you get the most out of your yard and create a beautiful view.

Plant in Layers

Planting flowers and plants in a layered manner on your small yard will help in creating the illusion of a bigger space. Layers help because they create depth and it's advisable that you plant your flowers and shrubs based on their height to enhance the depth. So the tallest plants and flowers should be at the back and the shortest flowers and plants should be at the front.

For instance, if the rear side of your garden is near the fence, then the tallest shrubs, such as ornamental trees, should be near the fence. Otherwise, if your flower bed is in the middle of your yard, then plant the tallest plants at the centre and the shortest ones at the edges or along the border of your flower garden.

Design the Function of Every Section

To get the most out of your small yard, it's advisable to segment the yard and design a function for every segment. So first identify the functions that are a top priority for you and then find a place for each function. For example, you can sub-divide your garden into deck space, centre piece and patio space.

After identifying the function, find resources that will fit into that space without occupying much space. For instance, for the patio, you can have a small fire pit built at the middle of your patio and then buy retractable seats that can be removed whenever they're not in use. Remember that creating distinct functions for each section will also create a sense of cohesion in your outdoors.

Use Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are ideal for small yards because they save space and at the same time allow you to have a detailed flower garden.  Also a vertical garden will create an illusion of greater height and make your small yard look bigger than it is. You can plant flowers, vegetables and ornamental shrubs on your vertical garden among other numerous landscaping plant choices.

One way to easily build your vertical garden is by hanging plants on a wall. Plant the flowers or shrubs in containers or flower pots and hang the containers or pots in line from top to bottom. You may want to hang the plants in clear, vertical rows so as to achieve a neat, organized look.

You can create a detailed and beautiful look on your small yard, as long as you do it skilfully. Above are some great landscaping ideas that can help you get the most from your small yard.