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3 Garden and Lawn Care Tips Which Will Help Your Sell Your Property

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If you are thinking of selling your home, you are probably considering ways in which you can increase its value. One easy way to boost the value of your home and increase its appeal to buyers is to spend some time improving the garden area. Below are three landscaping tips which will help to make your garden and your property look great.

Lawn Care

Over time, the turf on your lawn can become thin and worn. The sight of bald patches where there should be lush green grass will turn off any potential buyers. You can repair these patchy areas by scattering some grass seed over them and watering the area lightly. Rye seed is a good choice of seed for restoring patchy grass as it doesn't require much care and will quickly thicken up your lawn. You shouldn't scatter seeds before heavy rain, as the seeds will be washed away. 

You can then turn your attention to the edge of the lawn. Use an edger or electric trimmer to tidy up the border of your lawn. Creating a razor sharp line around the edge of your lawn will make your garden look neat and tidy.

Leaves and Foliage

Leaves and foliage can help to add a variety of textures and colours to your garden, creating a bright and alluring space. Flowers such as snapdragons and marigolds can add a splash of instant colour to your garden. However, you should be careful not to include too many different types of plants and flowers in your garden. If there are a large number of different plants, a potential buyer may worry about the amount of time they may have to dedicate to looking after the garden. By carefully curating which plants to grow, you can create the impression that the garden is easy to manage and maintain. 


While you may regularly prune the trees and plants in your garden in order to encourage the growth of fruit or flowers, you should keep in mind that freshly pruned plants and trees can look unhealthy, which may put off a potential buyer when they come to view your property. Plants which are left unpruned will look their best and will remain healthy until the following season.

If you would like further information about how best to landscape your garden to increase the value of your home, contact a professional landscaping company today.