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The Pros of Installing Artificial Turf

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If you have a lawn or yard, you may realise that its maintenance is quite labour intensive. Homeowners who may not have extensive free time on their hands or perhaps cannot include professional lawn maintenance services in their budget will eventually find that this patch of grass on their premises will steadily deteriorate. Before you know it, your house may stand out conspicuously for not having an immaculate lawn. If you would like to avoid this embarrassment, you may want to consider the installation of artificial turf. Advancements in the manufacture and production of turf supplies have made this option quite attractive for homeowners. Here are a few of the pros of installing artificial turf.

Artificial turf enables conservation of water

Over the years, numerous areas of Australia have become hard hit with drought. This drought has inadvertently translated into higher water costs, forcing homeowners to take measures that will make their household a water efficient premises. One of the steps that you can take is installing artificial turf, unlike natural grass, artificial turf will not require any hydration for it to stay attractive. Therefore, you would not have to worry about proving a constant supply of water through irrigation.  Thus, not only do you decrease your water bill but you also play your part in maintaining sustainable, eco-friendly practises.

Artificial turf is virtually maintenance free

Another major reason why you should consider artificial turf is that it will not be cumbersome to care for. Natural grass needs constant care for it to thrive. These maintenance measures become more intensive as the climatic conditions become dryer, as the grass could easily wilt and dry. Other maintenance measures that rare prudent when maintaining a natural lawn include routine mowing of the grass, regular spraying of pesticides and herbicides as well as occasional fertilisation to ensure the grass is receiving the right nutrients. When you invest in artificial turf, you can do away with your entire maintenance checklist. All artificial turf needs to stay pristine in perhaps occasional washing to ensure that dirt and dust do not become embedded on the blades.

Artificial turf is attractive

A common assumption people make concerning artificial turf is that it will look fake. In years past, artificial turf may have had a starkly synthetic appearance to it. However, in recent years, the blades that make up this turf are designed to look as realistic as possible. Additionally, the artificial turf will not feel rubbery but is soft and plush underfoot. Therefore, it would be difficult for an untrained eye to discern that you are using artificial turf.