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Landscaping and Curb Appeal Projects Using Pavers

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When you begin upgrading your landscaping and you are going for more curb appeal, you may want to look at pavers as an option. Though the misconception is that pavers are only for sidewalks, there are other uses for them. Here are a few of the landscaping and curb appeal projects that you can do yourself using old or new pavers:

Inground Fire Pit

Fire pits are very common throughout the year for parties, small gatherings, and even grilling if you have the right fire pit attachments. You can buy small above ground fire pits, but in a landscape they may not look as attractive as you would like. Instead of using the traditional fire pit, consider using pavers. You can dig the fire pit and line it with broken or small pavers. Use pavers around the top border to give a finished and complete look. This can be done with different shades of pavers as well to give a unique look.

Water Garden

If you have a water pump, some pavers, and some waterproofing tarp then you can up your curb appeal. All of these items can be mixed together to create a water garden. You can go with a circular option or you can take it up a notch and create a waterfall effect. When placed properly, you can also make the water garden into a fish pond as well. This can be a very attractive addition to your landscape and help you fill in a space that would normally go with nothing or just bushes in the slot.

Paver Retaining Wall

One area that many people find difficult to upgrade is the area around house skirting or foundation. You can step up this area with the use of decorative and stamped pavers. You can stack the pavers in a specific pattern, color design, or theme to create a decorative and personalized retaining wall. You can then place plants behind the retaining wall to create a completed garden look and update the curb appeal to give a professionally landscaped appearance. The wall can go around the front of the home or it can go around the home as well as around an out building to create a completed look. 

These are just a few of the projects that will help you update your landscaping and build your curb appeal by using pavers. Remember, you can use old pavers for these projects and not only cut costs but recycle the current stones.