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Creative Ideas to Make the Most of Stonework in Your Landscape

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Getting creative with stonework in our yard can considerably boost the appeal of your property. However, with the vast array of natural stone materials to make a selection from as well as the broad range of styles, you may find it a tad overwhelming knowing how best to make the most of them. Rather than simply putting stones helter-skelter in an attempt to create visual interest, a better approach would be narrowing down what you would want to achieve with the stonework. By having a plan on the additions that you would like to include in your landscape, you also get a chance to discern which stones would be best suited for the various functions. Below are some creative ideas that you could implement to make the most of the stonework in your landscape.

Transform your yard into a rock garden

Some people's idea of a rock garden is having no vegetation in their yard and simply filling it with rocks, but they could not be more mistaken. A functional rock garden is characterised by incorporating a strategic marriage between plant life as well as decorative stones. Although the rocks should be the predominant feature in the garden, they should be placed in a way that allows the vegetation to thrive inside and around it.

The first thing to do would be to establish what the primary colour scheme of your rock garden would be. White stonework would be excellent to create a contrast between the rocks and the blooms that you will have in the yard, but you can select other colours, shapes and textures depending on your preference.

Utilise stonework to create a water feature

Some Australians may be wary of water features in their yard, especially if they live in a drought-stricken location. However, you can install water features that recycle the water that is available to it, which would ensure water conservation on your property. Water features not only act as a focal point on your property, but also they add a sense of calm and tranquillity to your exterior space, making for a great ambience.

Select natural stones that are not extremely porous such as slate, as this will ensure they do not become eroded in a short time. Some of the water features that can be created using stonework include koi ponds, a rock fountain or even a simple water feeder that would attract the local birds.